Please check back as this page will be constantly be updated as new things arise.


This document is designed to give you an understanding of what is and isn't permitted in the chat room, and to make it a better place for visitors. For most people, these rules should be easy to conform to as they reflect acceptable behaviors
Please check back from time to time, as we will review and update the policies as appropriate to reflect feedback received from chat room visitors and Staff.

 The main objective of any chat room is bringing people together. When new visitors enter the room, you should acknowledge their arrival especially if you're engaged in social chit-chat / passing time. Failure to do so is likely to result in them leaving the chat room feeling unwelcome. You should try to minimise the chances of conflict by being open minded and accepting of others. Understand that we each have a unique set of values, and we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Trolling / Spamming / Bad Behaviour Soliciting / advertising is not allowed;

 Offensive, rude, disruptive and unwanted behaviour may cause you to get banned without warning (depending on the severity)

 Harassment, name calling, racist or sexist remarks, profanity towards others and other forms of bullying will not be tolerated

 Insensitive behaviour may result in being muted - this will be judged by the reaction of others in the room

 If you have a problem with someone take these conversations to private chat, keep it out of the main room.

Posting of links (URLs) to offensive material, sites hosting malware, initiating downloads or promoting illegal activities is not permitted.

Flooding the chat is not permitted; VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections are disallowed.

 Encouraging visitors to utilize other chat rooms / personal messaging services is not permitted. Adult / Inappropriate Themes Sexual topics do come up from time to time, as well as explicit music Should moderators deem a subject matter to be inappropriate for the chatroom and / or the current audience, they may at their discretion make contact via Private Message, making clear any requirement to cease discussing the topic.

 Moderation/Staff Chat room moderators volunteer their time to help keep the room running smoothly and are responsible for managing often complex situations; Moderators and Staff are given exclusive privileges to help maximise the effectiveness of the room; If you are asked to modify your behaviour or given some other form of instruction but fail to comply, you are likely to be removed from the chat room for a discretionary period of time depending on the severity of the matter; When being corrected by a moderator or Staff , please do not argue with them in main chat. You should request a PM session to help avoid conflict and keep the involvement of others to a minimum; Attacking moderators or Staff in the chat room will likely result in a ban.

Any genuine visitor should respect their decisions - they have nothing to gain from issuing bans / mutes and are doing so to the best of their ability, on behalf of the community; Moderators and Staff may choose to request users to leave if they're deemed to be a risk to the safety of the general users / guests within the chatroom. Not adhering to the request will result in manual removal; We do not monitor or control user created rooms. the rules set by room owners will be enforced by them. IF they come to HD and ask for help with a problem, Staff will help with any assistance needed. If you dont like the topic in the room, just leave. You are welcome to return to the chat room once your ban period expires, but please be mindful of the reason(s) you got banned, abide by the rules and take into account any moderator or staff feedback received. If a ban is evaded within the designated period (for any reason), please note that our moderators or staff may extend the ban beyond the original lapse date.