Moschino by err0r

This is the Moschino Script made by err0r. It is a stable and effective script that is good for room management.

Fracture by err0r

This script err0r modified it to work here at Evolution Chat. This is the fracture script. It is a solid script. Make sure once you unzip it that you place the file on your desktop and run it from there

Star Wars by NeophyteX

This is a nice script, it is solid with a lot of features. Thank you Neo for all of the work you put into this script, and thank you for the shoutout on tg007

Hyper-Drive by NeophyteX

This is a really cool script, it is solid with a lot of features, it has a socketless connection so it will connect very fast. Thank you Neo for all that you do for all of us.

Predatorz by NeophyteX

This is multi connection script that is wonderful. I really enjoyed this script. Thank you Paige!!!

Quadrochatica by NeophyteX

This is another wonderful multi-connection script Paige put together for us. Thank You Paige, we love your work and we are thankful for everything you do for us!!!

Alien by NeophyteX

Aliens have always been my favourite scripts. I'm fascinated with the subject. I've updated Alien scripts to cover many servers in the last 11 years, every year, and must have had something like 3000 downloads from them all.and i will continue to update them as need be as long as i can. This ones socketless, which i prefer.

Batman by NeophyteX

Socketless script for EvolutionChat, fast and easy, much the same as the Batman for Spcn. Happy new year x

Spiderman by NeophyteX

Socketless script for EvolutionChat, (requested for by Ash). Quite fast, Easy to use. Remember the first popup edit box is for your reg.nick.

TrippleX by NeophyteX

Was originally made for oasis/chatcore, now remade for ElolutionChat at ASH's request. Simple, straightforward socketless script. For someone who likes simplicity. Remember the first account edit box that pops up on first start is for your reg. nickname, which is unusual !