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Outlaw-Radio Welcome friends & guests to Outlaw Radio!! A place to make new friends and to catch up with friends already made. (mus1) Friendly, Fun, Music loving people worldwide, gather here in the Chatroom to enjoy Outlaw Radio’s Live Dj’s (headphones) and great tunes . Anyone 18 and up is welcome! Let’s INVITE your friends to join in chat & and listen to the great tunes! (8)(8) To tune in click the player at top of the room or visit our website and click on Listen Live (8)(8) 16 English
IRCommunity [br]➤ Get help with ALL aspects of ircWx[br]➤ From beginner to advanced help available [br]➤ Supports and[br]➤ Latest RSS feeds from all major scripting sites[br]➤ Support Forum and Downloads provided freely. 5 English
Helpdesk Official Help Room 3 English
EvoCafe Guest chatters are welcome! We also give information support for Evo services. Enjoy your stay! 0 English
[Wiz4rds_Doma1n] [ Now Hosting InfoBOT v2 - Come in and Check it Out!! :) ] 21 English
Borg Hive We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile 4 English
Family Feud Trivia or Family Feud depends on the day join in 2 English
Amizades Sem Fronteiras 1 English
fantasista [br][br][style ff:Arial Black;bgco:#191970;co:#C0C0C0;b;]»»--(¯`·.·´¯)--»★~ B l a C k O u T ~♥~ fantasista ~★«--(¯`·.·´¯)--«« [br][style ff:Arial Black;bgco:#ff4500;co:#000000;b;]»»--(¯`·.·´¯)--»♥ ~ CHARMY JUN ♥ FRIEND SHIP ~♥«--(¯`·.·´¯)--««[br] 1 English
Neos Testing stuff all welcome 1 English
Twisted Trivia [style ff:georgia;co:#000000;][style bgco:#7104e3;co:#FFFFFF;b;u;](gbf)___~|(F)Twisted Trivia v3(F)~|___[br][/style][style bgco:#F47d4a;co:#FFFFFF;b;](gbf)_______[style co:#000000;b;]Next event? unknown![/style]_______[br][/style][style bgco:#e1215b;co:#FFFFFF;b;u;](gbf)______(ff)(danger)Trivia Information__________[br][/style][style ;b;]->(F)Weekly Reset[/style] with one privilege [style ;b;]VIP[/style] winner![br]->(F)150.000 questions & unique bonus rounds[br][style ;b;]->(F)Special events[/style] for celebrating holidays and festivals[br][style ;b;]->(F)Facebook Page[/style] with all scores of the week! [/style][br][style bgco:#008000;co:#FFFFFF;b;u;](gbf)________Weekly Champ(banana2) harold28 1 English
IRCwx Cafe IRCwx protocol, server, webchat, Saber, and Viperbot development and general chat! All Welcome! 0 English
St_Marks_Present_&_Pass_Students [style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#FF0000;b;]WELCOME TO ~ST MARKS PRESENT & PASS STUDENTS~. R18+ GENERAL CHAT 0 English
~Durwards~ '[style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#FF0000;b;]WELCOME TO ~ST MARKS PRESENT & PASS STUDENTS~. R18+ GENERAL CHAT ' 0 English
wiz4rdtestingstuff 17 English
atomic 3 English

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